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We are SGD Connect, your one-stop corporate advertising solutions provider. We are Singapore based tech firm that promises to you is to market your services to the right audience, at the right time, and at the right place. Our quality services include consulting and management offer a variety of online marketing tactics including tv advertisements, newspaper advertisements, radio advertisements, online advertisements, cinema hall advertisements, and delivering quality media outputs. our previous works and experience reveal that you can trust.

We understand that the most important success factor and top priority in your business are the clients that you serve. That’s why we at SGD Connect aim to work with your business, hand in hand, assisting in delivering your valuable content to the audience and clients that you wish to amaze. You are wholeheartedly welcome to browse through our website, and get in touch if you would like to consult us!

Our Services

TV Advertisements

SGD is one of the leading TV or Television advertising company in Singapore which offers an in-depth analysis

Newspaper Advertisements

By re- bundling capabilities including creative, strategy, and media for individual needs, we help our clients

Radio Advertisements

Our radio advertising is one of our marketing strategies that use both traditional stations, satellite, and internet radio

Online Advertisements

If you are seeking an effective online advertising solution and Succeed in the online space

we can assist

Cinema Hall Advertisements

Cinema Advertisement has revolutionized the way companies Advertised their products. cinema hall advertising

Media Creatives For Radio

SGD is the best pick if you are choosing for any sort of production that uses imagery and a combination of text, audio

Our Portfolio

Being one of the top corporate advertising agencies in Singapore, we do all our works as a tribute to the idea of Bill Gates that content is king in the digital world. Our effective solution with creative design and precise marketing strategies uses TV, radio, newspapers, etc for ensuring enhanced productivity in your business

About Us

Our mission at SGD Connect is to grow our business through yours. By putting your business products and solutions at the forefront of advertising media outlets, we trust that your organisation will capture the audience and interest that it very much deserves. More than just connecting your organisation, we go the extra mile to build your company identity, that stands the test of time.

Our Clients

SGD Connect is a tech firm that gives importance to teamwork and mutual communication, Our quality products and services are chosen by reputed companies worldwide and we always make sure our clients are 100 % satisfied with our services.

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